Delicioso Design Studio

We, Delicioso Design Studio strongly believe that the excitements and sparks of delicious food and beautiful designs are the two most magical and powerful things to brighten a day! Except…. with great designs you will never need to worry about consuming too much. We dream that the town will be filled with lots of joyful, colorful and cool designs and put a smile on people who are maybe having a tough day. A store sign of a grocery shop, a coffee can on a store shelf, a book cover the student carries in her hand.

And it would be such a wonderful thing to make a part of it by working with you!


As a small studio, we would love to support startups and small businesses. So, do not be worried if you do not have a concrete image yet, or have no idea where to start, just contact us!


Our Philosophy

We love design because we want to see a kind world.

You don’t get it?


The design is…a letter (gesture)to your customer. And that is what we think the most important aspect of the “Design” for business is.


You can welcome your customer with your smile (i.e., Store sign, Window display, Website design), You can make a relaxing ambiance for your customers (i.e., Interior design).  You can tell them that they are in good hands (i.e., Business card design). You can offer an uplifting and exciting experience (Packaging design, Menu design and all of that). You can pass on your message to your customer ALL BY DESIGN.


Express your identity? Yes, that is another most important factor of what design can do as it is called “Branding / Brand Identity”. It makes WIN-WIN matchmaking of the perfect business and ideal customers possible.

Behind the studio

Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, yet growing up in a very varied and unique environment. After spending her formative years in a very picture book-ish environment on top of a mountain, learned Fashion business in NY (the most exciting city in the world!), and living in a quiet self-reflection moment in a suburb in a European country.

Cherishing the life with her little family (a husband and a black cat), and always wondering what she wants to eat next.

Love being in a hectic-pace big city and staying free-spirited.