Packages and Services

Logo package

Logo is a face of your brand. Logos look very simple, but there are multiple logics and theories behind it. Some are simply “type logo”, and others have symbol mark. Some brand symbol mark represents the service they provide, and others look totally irrelevant. Let’s find the perfect method to your brand and build the logo to attract your ideal customers.

This package includes;
  • Brand Strategy
  • Mood board
  • Main logo
  • Alternate logo
  • Favicon
  • 3 revisions

Branding package

To deliver the characteristic and charms of your brand to people who do not know your brand yet, cohesive visual brand identity is the one of the most powerful tool. Even before tasting your dish, or before trying out the scent of your perfume (means even from afar!) you can present the image that they can fantasize about.

This package includes;
  • Brand Strategy
  • Mood board
  • Main logo
  • Alternative logo
  • Favicon
  • Color palette
  • Font paring
  • Branding Style Sheet
  • Branding Style Guide
  • 3 revisions


– Business card

– Thank you card

– Greeting card

– Flyer

– Poster

Single Service/Add-ons

– Package design

– Design elements

– Patterns

– Stationery package

– Menu design

– Instagram templates


We are a very, very good match if ...

・you have a strong passion to your brand, and look for a designer you can   share your passion, and the path continues in front of you.

Because we sincerely wish the success of your brand, and we do all the design work for it, rather than just creating the aesthetic artwork.   


・your business have some relation with Japan.

Because we have Japanese background, and attainments to its culture. We love the Japanese taste,  aesthetic and fonts (including KANJI of course!). 


・you love colorful and joyful aesthetic, and LOVE our work.

We already have something in common!